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Women's March Casper 2018

Saturday, January 20th | 11:00AM - 3:30PM | Casper, Wyoming

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We will gather again this year to demonstrate our resistance to what we see coming from the oval office, the seat of power of the formerly most admired nation in the history of the world. If you despair and are considering skipping this year’s event, please be encouraged. We must stand up and speak out against this travesty of a presidency and those who enable and support it. See you at the March!

Items marked *** below are opportunities for you to step in and help. Details are below the schedule. 

January 18, Thursday
6:30 to 8:30 pm Sign-making party at Backwards Distillery.
*** Please bring materials (posterboard, cardboard, markers, etc.)

January 20, Saturday
11 am - 12:30 pm Alcohol-free sign-making party at 900 S. Nebraska, the home of volunteers.
*** Please bring materials (posterboard, cardboard, markers, etc.)

11:00 The Lyric opens to setup of volunteer organization tables and dropoff of *** refreshments
12:45 Marchers gather at Second and Beech sharing of chant sheets
1:00 The March steps off from Second and Beech
1:30ish The March arrives at The Lyric. mingling, munching and signup for *** open mic
2:00 Program begins
2:45ish Program concludes and loadout from The Lyric begins
3:30 The Lyric closes and preparation for next year’s March begins.

*** REFRESHMENTS Hot drinks will be provided. please bring a snack to share — something that requires nothing in the way of tableware to eat, as there will be no plates, flatware, or napkins.

*** CHANT SHEETS If you can print out 20-50 copies of a black and white 8 1/2 by 11 sheet, email the address below and request a pdf of the chants we’ll use. You can pass them out to those around you as the March begins.

*** OPEN MIC Within and after the program, you’ll have a chance to share your thoughts with the March. Keep your comments to a minute and a half (which is longer than you might think, about 250 words) and sign up when we reach The Lyric. Remarks will be timed to keep things moving.

*** DONATION JAR This year, we’re having to buy extremely expensive insurance and rent a sound system, in addition to paying for The Lyric. These expenses could amount to more than $2,000. If you can chip in, please do! You’ll find the jar at the Indivisible Casper table inside The Lyric. Checks can be made out to “Jane Ifland IC” (the credit union had to have the name of a person.)

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for! This IS our time to shine!

This is an INCLUSIVE march, and ALL who support the rights of women and other marginalized people are welcome.

Wyoming People March to the Poles 

Saturday, January 20th | 11:30AM - 1:00PM | Pine St, Pinedale WY

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On the anniversary weekend of the Women's March, we are hosting a voter awareness march. Gather at Rocky Mtn Bank 145 E. Pine St. Pinedale and march west on the sidewalk to American Legion Park and back. We march in solidarity with those who seek justice, equality, freedom of expression, and who care for the rights of the vulnerable, the importance of exercising our right to vote, and fairness in government. We applaud those who run for public office with the goal of making our country a better place for everyone.

Women and Allies March 

Sunday, January 21th |12PM - 2PM | City Park  - 908 Sheridan Ave, Cody, Wyoming 82414

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Let's come together again, as we did this time last year, to show that we care about our democracy. We will stand united to protect the values upon which our country was founded and which are currently under threat. Let's show who we are and raise our voices!