The March

March and Rally Agenda

(Times are rough estimates)

10:00AM - Welcome!

10:15AM - March Kickoff

10:30AM - Picture taking at the Supreme Court Building

10:45AM - 1:30PM - Rally at the Depot Plaza with our Speakers

March Route

We'll kickoff the March at the Cheyenne Depot Plaza then head up Capitol Ave to the Wyoming Supreme Court. During the March, police officers and security volunteers will direct traffic and Spirit Leaders will guide us with chants and calls-to-action!

We'll stop at the Supreme Court Building for picture-taking and #BarbaricYells. 

Then march back to the Cheyenne Depot Plaza to listen to our speakers and organizations working to make Wyoming a better home for all of us. 

march route.png

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not a woman, am I invited?

Yes, the Women’s March on Wyoming is for any person, regardless of gender or gender identity, who supports women’s equality and believes women’s rights are human rights.

why should i march?

After the 2017 Women’s March on Wyoming, countless women were motivated to make a change in their lives and communities. We’ve heard stories of women - some for the first time - demanding equal pay, becoming entrepreneurs, standing up against sexual harassment, having difficult conversations about women's issues with their friends and families, and even beginning to believe in themselves. 

In 2018, we want Marchers to leave inspired and motivated, with new connections, skills and strategies for working towards collective liberation for women of all races, ethnicities, ages, disabilities, sexual identities, gender expressions, immigration statuses, religious faiths, and economic statuses.

To learn more about the March, read our Mission and Guiding Principles

Will it be safe? Can I bring my kids?

The WMW has a team of experienced organizers working to ensure that every safety protocol is followed and volunteer security will be present. It’s January in Wyoming – it’s cold and the ground may be slippery. The decision to bring your children is a personal one. However, many children, families, and even pets marched in last year’s event.

Is this March inclusive for women of color?

This is an evolving effort. As the March has gained attention, more women of color have joined the team to organize the march and this trend will continue as we build steam. 

We recognize in the fight for women's rights, women of color are often silenced and told to wait behind white women. We can't perpetuate this system in anything we do. We need to go further than being inclusive, the Wyoming Women's March strives to follow the lead of Native American women, Latino women, Black women, Asian and Pacific Islander women, and Middle Eastern women. In 2018, we are working to ensure our organizers, speakers, and volunteers are reflective of the diversity of Wyoming.

I want my organization to be involved. How can we join the mobilization?

Please contact to discuss how your organization can join and support the Women’s March on Wyoming.

I can’t attend in person, but I want to support the effort. How can I help?

To successfully host our second march, we’ll need to fundraise significantly over the next month. We rely on small donors. If you can chip in $5, $10, or more, please donate via Paypal.

Your donation will be used to pay for our first banners, hard warmers, advertising, security blockades for the march, a sign language interpreter and so much more to make Women’s March the talk of the town!

All funds leftover will be donated to NARAL Pro-Choice Wyoming, the only statewide organization dedicated to protecting and expanding reproductive rights.

I want to go but I can’t make it to Cheyenne. Is there one happening closer to me?

Please organize or participate in a march in your home area.

If you are organizing a march in your area, please email us at so we can post it on our website. 

Will the WMW be accessible for people with disabilities?

Each local group operates independently of the state organizing effort. We strongly encourage local organizers to follow our lead in making the WMW fully accessible, however, we make no claim or representation on behalf of local groups.

The WMW is committed to ensuring that the state convening is accessible to people with disabilities. We are working with volunteers to ensure access points for people with disabilities that require the use of a wheelchair. There will be an area with seating to accommodate people with disabilities, elderly people and pregnant women.